Wrestling Observer Rewind - 4-1-1991

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This is an annotated version of the Original post on /r/squaredcircle from daprice82. We also offer a handy printable version.

There wasn't an issue last week because Dave was in Japan for the WCW/New Japan show. And this issue is kinda short, I assume for the same reason.

  • Dave attended the Cauliflower Alley banquet over the weekend, which is an annual event honoring retired professional wrestlers. Despite being held on the night before Wrestlemania, only a few miles away, no one from WWF showed up for the event as guys like Lou Thesz and Sam Muchnick were honored. Missy Hyatt was the only person there from WCW and was likely only there due to Jason Hervey's family attending.
  • Wrestlemania 7 was just a few hundred seats shy of a sell-out, but the venue change caused mass confusion and no one really knew how many tickets were out there, how many people had gotten refunds or exchanged, who hadn't responded to phone calls and letters about the venue change, etc. So up until show time, WWF really had no clue how many people were going to show up with valid tickets or whether or not they needed to continue giving away freebies to make the building appear full.
  • Despite the fact that WWF repeatedly told television viewers that the event was the largest PPV audience ever, the truth is, it didn't even come close to the Mike Tyson/Razor Ruddock fight just a week prior and wasn't even close to the numbers other major fights have drawn. But WWF lying about PPV numbers is nothing new. Real numbers suggest it was the 2nd lowest buyrate for a Wrestlemania ever. However, it still made a decent profit and, given all the controversy over the angle and the venue change, WWF is probably just happy the whole thing is over with.
  • Warrior vs. Savage stole the show at Wrestlemania and the post-match angle with Elizabeth had people in the crowd legitimately crying. Meltzer predicts a TV wedding soon (yup) followed by a petition to get Savage reinstated, which WWF will use to have fans write in under the guise of signing the petition, but really, just so they can gather addresses for future mailing lists. That's some crafty shit right there.
WATCH: Highlights from Ultimate Warrior vs. Macho Man Randy Savage at WM7
  • The WCW/New Japan Supershow was announced at 64,500 attendance, making it one of the largest indoor sports shows in history in Japan. Dave gives a loooong match-by-match review and goes in depth on the controversy of the main event, which saw Tatsumi Fujinami beat Ric Flair to win the WCW title. However, because he threw Flair over the top rope prior to the pin, the match result is changed to a no contest....2 days later. They didn't risk doing it that night because of fear of riots, so instead they waited and reported it in the newspapers later that the finish was overturned and Flair is still champion. Japanese media is pissed. The Dusty Finish strikes Japan! But this actually turned into a whole thing where both men claimed to be champion, and the rematch will happen at SuperBrawl to determine the real champion.
WATCH: Highlights from Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Ric Flair from WCW/New Japan Supershow
READ: Sports Illustrated, March 25, 1991 article on Vince McMahon
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