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Short Version

Adding an event to the Pro Wrestling Wiki requires that you create your event under the Event namespace, and format it like so: yyyy/mm/dd Event Title. For example, if we were creating an event page for Wrestle Kingdom 12, the page link would look like this: Event:2018/01/04 Wrestle Kingdom 12

Using this format will ensure that your event shows up on the calendar, and get the most people seeing your listing.

Longer Version

  • To add an event, first you need to create an account. Accounts are free. The Pro Wrestling Wiki doesn't store anything about you other than what you tell us, nor do we log your activities or share your data with third parties.
  • Once you have an account, it's time to create your page URL. To create a new page URL, get the date and name of the event you're adding. Copy this template, and insert the new event's data in place of the placeholders surrounded in brackets like {THIS}:
    •{YEAR}/{MM}/{DD} {Event Title}&action=edit
  • Don't include the brackets in your event title. For example, if we were adding a page for Hoodslam's yearly Entertainia show, it would look like this: Hoodslam: ENTERTANIA&action=edit
  • Open a new browser tab, and paste the the page URL you've just made. This will take you to the editing screen for your new page. Add the info you've got, and don't forget to include links to the source pages (such as a Facebook event page, or the ticketing site).

What to Include in Event Listings

Use the Event:2018/03/10_Pro_Wrestling_Revolution show page as a template for your new page. It's got all of the sections and content we would expect, plus it demonstrates how to use things like sub-templates.