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Hoodslam Entertainia 8 Full Poster.jpg

ENTERTAINIA 8 was an event from Hoodslam which took place on April 6th 2018 at the Oakland Metro in Oakland, California. The show is available for streaming on hoodslam.tv.


Hoodslam announced the following matches via the Facebook event page prior to the show:

  • The Lethal Lottery Tournament - 20 entrants will be randomly chosen into teams. Friend and foe alike will have to battle side by side. The 10 winners will move on to an OVER THE TOP ROPE BATTLE ROYAL. The winner will claim what is perhaps the grandest prize of all the Hoodslam season - the Battlebowl Trophy, which can be turned in at any Hoodslam to fight any Hoodslammer in any match its owner desires!


The show started off with Bison Braddock defeated Junkyard Cat Joey Smoak on the Stoner U Pre Show, hosted by Screaming Eagle Mike O'Shea and Scott Rickerson, with ring announcing by Shawn Michaels Allen. The rest of the show was hosted by Broseph Joe Brody and Wonder Dave.


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